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Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 03.06. - 09.06. im Rückblick: 04.06.2019: New Quick Start deploys Tableau and Snowflake on the AWS Cloud Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for Elasticsearch 6.7 AWS DataSync is now SOC compliant Amazon ElastiCache for Redis launches self-service updates Amazon Inspector adds CIS Benchmark support for Amazon Linux 2 05.06.2019: Amazon API Gateway Now Supports VPC Endpoint Policies

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 27.05. - 02.06. im Rückblick: 28.05.2019: Announcing New and Updated Exam Readiness Courses for AWS Certifications Amazon Connect Decreases US Telephony Pricing by 26% in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports SQL querying Amazon DynamoDB supports FIPS 140-2 validated endpoints in the Canada (Central) Region AWS Step Functions Enables Access to Workflow Metadata

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 21.05. - 26.05. im Rückblick: 21.05.2019: AWS Client VPN Now Available in Asia Pacific (Mumbai) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Regions Announcing AWS Elemental MediaPackage Price Reduction in All Regions AWS Elemental MediaStore Now Supports AWS CloudFormation AWS Elemental MediaPackage Adds Support for Just-in-Time Packaging for Video On Demand Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes - Now in Preview

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 13.05. - 19.05. im Rückblick: 13.05.2019: Now easily share encrypted AMIs across accounts to launch encrypted instances in a single step with Amazon EBS Amazon GuardDuty Now Available in AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region Share encrypted AMIs across accounts to launch instances in a single step Amazon EC2 C5d, M5, M5d, R5, and R5d Instances are Now Available in Additional AWS Regions

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 06.05. - 12.05. im Rückblick: 08.05.2019: Introducing new Amazon EC2 I3en instances, the largest NVMe SSD storage instance in the cloud 09.05.2019: New Quick Start deploys SAP S/4HANA on AWS Performance Insights is Generally Available on Amazon Aurora MySQL 5.7 Amazon Translate Adds Support for Hindi, Farsi, Malay, and Norwegian Amazon Cognito launches enhanced user password reset API for administrators

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 29.04. - 05.05. im Rückblick: 29.04.2019: Launching today - the #AWSDeepRacer League Virtual World Tour! Compete for prizes and glory on the London Loop track from April 29th - May 31st in the AWS DeepRacer online 3D racing simulator. New Quick Start sets up serverless CI/CD for the enterprise on the AWS Cloud Elastic Fabric Adapter Is Now Generally Available Amazon MQ Now Supports Resource-Level and Tag-Based Permissions

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 22.04. - 28.04. im Rückblick: 24.04.2019: Amazon Kinesis Data Streams changes license for its consumer library to Apache License 2.0 AWS Single Sign-On now offers certificate customization to support your corporate policies 25.04.2019: Amazon EC2 T3a Instances featuring AMD EPYC Processors are now generally available Amazon EKS Supports EC2 A1 Instances as a Public Preview Amazon MSK expands its open preview into AP (Singapore) and AP (Sydney) AWS Regions

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 15.04. - 21.04. im Rückblick: 15.04.2019: Amazon RDS Enhanced Monitoring Adds New Storage and Host Metrics 16.04.2019: Amazon FreeRTOS Now Supports Resource Tagging Announcing the New AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Exam Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports Multi Major Version Upgrades to PostgreSQL 11 AWS Client VPN is Now Available in Four Additional AWS Regions NICE DCV Introduces MacOS Native Client

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 08.04. - 14.04. im Rückblick: 09.04.2019: AWS Certification Triples its Testing Locations, Making it Even More Convenient to Get Certified Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports Database Storage Size up to 64TiB Speed Up Video Processing With New Accelerated Transcoding in AWS Elemental MediaConvert Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority is now available in five additional regions

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 01.04. - 07.04. im Rückblick: 01.04.2019: New AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications Course on Coursera New Setup Tool To Get Started Quickly with Amazon Elastic Inference 02.04.2019: Restore an Encrypted Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Database from an Unencrypted Snapshot You can now use resource level policies for Amazon CloudWatch Alarms Video on Demand Now Leverages AWS Elemental MediaConvert QVBR Mode