#AWSLaunches KW13

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 25.03. - 31.03. im Rückblick:


  • AWS IoT Core Now Supports HTTP REST APIs with X.509 Client Certificate-Based Authentication On Port 443
  • New AWS Deep Learning AMIs: Amazon Linux 2, TensorFlow 1.13.1, MXNet 1.4.0 & Chainer 5.3.0
  • Generate Fleet Metrics with New Capabilities of AWS IoT Device Management
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Supports AWS CloudTrail Logging
  • AWS Storage Gateway adds support for Amazon S3 Object Lock to File Gateway
  • AWS Event Fork Pipelines - Serverless Nested Applications
  • Amazon Transcribe now supports speech-to-text in German & Korean


  • AWS Key Management Service Increases API Requests Per Second Limits
  • AWS Makes it Easier for You to Discover Relevant Products in AWS Marketplace
  • AWS Database Migration Service Adds New Data Transformation & Data Lake Capabilities
  • Announcing the Ability to Pick the Time for Amazon EC2 Scheduled Events
  • Amazon Transcribe enhances custom vocabulary with custom pronunciations & display forms
  • Deploy Micro Focus PlateSpin Migrate on AWS with New Quick Start
  • Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports Logical Replication
  • Amazon Comprehend now supports AWS KMS Encryption
  • Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.12 & Cluster Version Updates Via CloudFormation
  • Amazon API Gateway Improves API Publishing & Adds Features to Enhance User Experience
  • Amazon Redshift announces Concurrency Scaling: Consistently fast performance during bursts of user activity
  • Amazon DynamoDB backup and restore is now available in AWS GovCloud (US)
  • AWS Announces the General Availability of the Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive Storage Class in all Commercial AWS Regions & AWS GovCloud (US)
  • The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code (Developer Preview) is Now Available for Download from in the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Amazon DynamoDB encryption at rest is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions
  • Deploy IBM Cloud Private for Data on AWS with New Quick Start
  • Announcing AWS Firewall Manager Support For AWS Shield Advanced