#AWSLaunches KW15

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 08.04. - 14.04. im Rückblick:


  • AWS Certification Triples its Testing Locations, Making it Even More Convenient to Get Certified
  • Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports Database Storage Size up to 64TiB
  • Speed Up Video Processing With New Accelerated Transcoding in AWS Elemental MediaConvert
  • Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region
  • AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority is now available in five additional regions
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for Elasticsearch 6.5
  • AWS Amplify Console Now Available in Five Additional Regions
  • Announcing EMR release 5.22.0
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service adds event monitoring & alerting support
  • AWS Elemental MediaStore Now Supports Chunked Object Transfer to Enable Ultra-Low Latency Video Workflows
  • Amazon CloudFront enhances the security for adding alternate domain names to a distribution
  • AWS simplifies replatforming of Microsoft SQL Server databases from Windows to Linux
  • Amazon Transcribe now supports real-time speech-to-text in British English, French, & Canadian French


  • Amazon Pinpoint Now Offers an Analytics Dashboard for Transactional SMS Messages


  • New AWS Public Datasets Available from National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Nanyang Technological University, Stanford, Software Heritage and others
  • Amazon QuickSight now supports localization, percentile calculations and more
  • Amazon SageMaker Now Supports Greater Control of Root Access to Notebook Instances & Offers Reduced Prices in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Regions
  • Amazon MQ now supports ActiveMQ Minor Version 5.15.9