#AWSLaunches KW17

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 22.04. - 28.04. im Rückblick:


  • Amazon Kinesis Data Streams changes license for its consumer library to Apache License 2.0
  • AWS Single Sign-On now offers certificate customization to support your corporate policies


  • Amazon EC2 T3a Instances featuring AMD EPYC Processors are now generally available
  • Amazon EKS Supports EC2 A1 Instances as a Public Preview
  • Amazon MSK expands its open preview into AP (Singapore) and AP (Sydney) AWS Regions
  • AWS Device Farm Remote Access for Manual Testing on real Android and iOS devices now supports Android OS 8+ and iOS 11+ devices
  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports Data Import from Amazon S3
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service now offers improved performance at lower costs with C5, M5, and R5 instances
  • Amazon Transcribe is now available in Asia Pacific (Seoul) and EU (Frankfurt) with added language support for Spanish (ES)
  • The AWS Hong Kong Region is now open for business! Today, we are launching our eighth AWS Region in Asia.
  • AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region
  • AWS IoT Analytics Now Supports Single Step Setup of IoT Analytics Resources from AWS IoT Core
  • Amazon VPC Sharing is Now Available in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region
  • AWS specifies the IP address ranges for Amazon DynamoDB endpoints
  • AWS Service Catalog Announces Tag Updating


  • Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth announces new features to simplify workflows, new data labeling vendors, and expansion in the Asia Pacific region
  • AWS Global Accelerator is Now Available in Six Additional Regions
  • AWS RoboMaker is Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region
  • AWS RoboMaker is Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region
  • Announcing the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region
  • AWS Amplify Console adds support for Custom Headers
  • DynamoDBMapper now supports Amazon DynamoDB transactional API calls
  • Now you can tag Amazon DynamoDB tables when you create them
  • AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store Introduces Advanced Parameters
  • AWS Systems Manager Now Supports Use of Parameter Store at Higher API Throughput
  • Amazon GameLift Realtime Servers Now Available