#AWSLaunches KW21

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 21.05. - 26.05. im Rückblick:


  • AWS Client VPN Now Available in Asia Pacific (Mumbai) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Regions
  • Announcing AWS Elemental MediaPackage Price Reduction in All Regions
  • AWS Elemental MediaStore Now Supports AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS Elemental MediaPackage Adds Support for Just-in-Time Packaging for Video On Demand
  • Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes - Now in Preview
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL increase maximum storage size and I/O performance
  • New Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partners
  • Amazon AppStream 2.0 Adds Usage Reporting Capabilities


  • Enable Hibernation on EC2 Instances when launching with an AMI without an Encrypted EBS Snapshot
  • Alexa for Business customers can now centrally manage network settings for shared Echo devices
  • Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is now SOC 1, 2, and 3 compliant
  • Amazon RDS for SQL Server Increases the Database Limit Per Database Instance up to 100


  • Amazon RDS Recommendations Provide Best Practice Guidance for Amazon Aurora
  • Announcing Amazon WorkLink support for Additional Website Authorization Providers
  • AWS DataSync adds filtering for data transfers
  • AWS Marketplace enables long term contracts for AMI products
  • AWS Budgets now Supports Variable Budget Targets for Cost and Usage Budgets
  • Introducing Amazon EBS Encryption by Default! Encrypt new EBS volumes in your account in a region with a single setting
  • AWS IoT Device Tester v1.2 is Now Available for Amazon FreeRTOS v1.4.8
  • Amazon RDS for SQL Server Now Supports Always On Availability Groups for SQL Server 2017
  • Amazon DynamoDB adaptive capacity is now instant
  • CloudWatch Logs adds support for percentiles in metric filters
  • Amazon GuardDuty is Now SOC Compliant
  • New Quick Start deploys Aviatrix Orchestrator for AWS Transit Gateway on AWS


  • Announcing General Availability of AWS Ground Station
  • New Quick Start deploys the Ribbon SBC SWe on the AWS Cloud
  • AWS Step Functions Adds Support for Callback Patterns in Workflows
  • Amazon API Gateway Now Supports Tag-Based Access Control and Tags on Additional Resources
  • You can now encrypt new EBS volumes in your account in a region with a single setting
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service Is Now SOC Compliant
  • AWS CodeCommit Now Supports Including Application Code When Creating a Repository with AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS Backup Now Supports AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS Elemental MediaLive Now Available in Europe (Stockholm) Region
  • Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances are Now Available in Additional AWS Regions
  • Amazon EC2 P3dn Instances are Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Region
  • Amazon RDS for SQL Server now Supports SQL Server Audit
  • AWS Transfer for SFTP now supports AWS CloudFormation and host key import
  • AWS Encryption SDK for C is now available
  • AWS RoboMaker now supports over-the-air deployment job cancellation
  • Amazon Athena is now available in GovCloud (US-East)
  • New Quick Start deploys a modular architecture for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL