#AWSLaunches KW29

Die Neuerungen und Meldungen vom 15.07. - 21.07. im R├╝ckblick:


  • The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code is now generally available! The toolkit makes it easier to create, debug, and deploy serverless applications on AWS.


  • Easily monitor your containerized applications with Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights. Now in preview!
  • Easily identify and isolate anomalous behavior in your metrics with Amazon CloudWatch Anomaly Detection. ­čôł New in preview!
  • New AWS Public Datasets available from Facebook, Yale, Allen Institute for Brain Science, NOAA & others.
  • AWS Resource Groups is now SOC-compliant.
  • AWS VPC CNI version 1.5.0 now default for Amazon EKS Clusters.


  • AWS RoboMaker announces support for Robot Operating System (ROS) Melodic.
  • AWS Glue is now available in the AWS South America (S├úo Paulo) Region
  • Amazon EC2 I3en Instances are now available in US West (N. California) & Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Regions.


  • AWS Resource Groups & AWS Resource Groups Tag Editor now supports additional AWS resources.
  • New AWS Competency Partners to migrate Microsoft Workloads to AWS.


  • Introducing the Amazon Corretto Crypto Provider (ACCP) for improved cryptography performance.
  • EC2 Hibernation feature is now available to customers in the Europe (Stockholm) & Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) AWS Regions
  • AWS Direct Connect now supports resource based authorization, tag based authorization & tag on resource creation


  • AWS Device Farm improves device start up time to enable instant access to devices
  • AWS Cost Explorer now Supports Usage-Based Forecasts
  • AWS CodePipeline Achieves HIPAA Eligibility
  • Discovering Documents Made Easy in AWS Systems Manager Automation
  • Amazon Comprehend Custom Entities now supports multiple entity types
  • AWS CodePipeline Achieves HIPAA Eligibility
  • Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is Now Available in EU (London) Region
  • Amazon EC2 AMD Instances are Now Available in additional regions
  • Amazon Inspector is now available in the Europe (Stockholm) Region
  • Amazon ECR now supports increased repository and image limits
  • SageMaker Batch Transform now enables associating prediction results with input attributes
  • AWS Migration Hub Now Supports Import of On-Premises Server and Application Data From RISC Networks to Plan and Track Migration Progress
  • Elastic Fabric Adapter is officially integrated into Libfabric Library